How To Copy Look Inside Pages Of Amazon Books

Latest Updated: June 22nd, 2017

I am sorry to inform you that the method on how to copy Amazon Look Inside preview pages which I shared with you at the bottom of this page CANNOT work any more!


Here are two methods which I am using currently.

Method 1: Select All & Right Click

Note: For this method, you CANNOT do it to ALL books now. In fact, I think most books cannot be copied using this method.

This is what you do:

1. Firstly you need to check it out whether the particular book can be copied with this method.

2. You click on the “Kindle Book” tab at the Look Inside page .

3. Once you are at the Kindle Book, just right click on the page.

4. A box pops up. Click “Select All“.

5. If you find the center portion of the page which you wanted is completely highlighted or boxed up completed with the light blue color, then it CANNOT work! (see image below)

copy Amazon Look Inside pages6. Then you can only use Method 2 to get the text, as explained below.

7. But when you right click and then click “Select All“, only the text is highlighted in blue color line by line, then it works for this method. (see image below)

How To Copy Look Inside Pages Of Amazon Books8. Next right click again. Then click “Copy“.

9. Now open your Notepad.

10. Right click on the Notepad and click “Paste“.

11. Now you have all the text from the Amazon Look Inside page over at your Notepad.

12. Select whatever text you want or just delete away those unwanted text.

13. That’s all.

Method 2: Copy With Sniping Tool & Optical Character Recognition Software

As I have explained above at #5,  for those books which you cannot highlight the text line by line, but you can still copy the text from the Look Inside! pages.

You just capture the screen of the pages.

You can use the “Snipping Tool” or any other screen capturing tools to capture out the pages.

Then you saved the image in a JPEG file.

Next, you use Optical Character Recognition, or OCR tool to convert the JPEG format to editable text.

(Ignore All The Tutorial Below)

How To Copy Look Inside Pages Of Amazon Books

It can be done without the use of Optical Character Recognition, or OCR tool, as shown in the image below.

How To Copy Look Inside Pages Of Amazon BooksYou need to use two tools.

A Firefox add-on called Greasemonkey and a user script called Amazon Reader Look Inside Downloader.

*UPDATE (Dec 2014)

This hack can only work with Firefox 33.1.1 version. And NOT the latest 34.0.5 version.

*LATEST UPDATE (August 2016)

Sorry to inform you that this guide for copying text from Amazon Look Inside! CANNOT work anymore.

Here is an easy-to-follow tutorial to show you how to do it:

1. Go to download the Firefox add-on called Greasemonkey at:

2. Install the latest version.

3.  Click the green color “+ Add Firefox” button on the right hand side.

4. A rectangular box will appear which says: Add-on downloading.

5. Just a few seconds, an installation box will pop up. Then click Install Now button as shown below.

how to copy amazon look inside book6. Another box will appear on top which says: Greasemonkey will be installed after you restart.

7. Click on the “Restart Now” button.

8. Now you can see the small monkey head icon on the top right hand corner of the Navigation toolbar.


1.  Install the user script called Amazon Reader (look Inside) Downloader from:

2. Click “Install” green button on the top right hand corner of the page.

3. A menu box pop up called Greasemonkey Installation. Click on “Install” button at the bottom of the box as shown below:

copy amazon look inside preview pages 4. Another smaller box will appear on top of the page. Click on “OK“.

That’s all.

How To Copy Preview Pages From Amazon Look Inside! preview pages.

1.  Go to Amazon book department select the book of your choice. Then click on Look Inside! on top of the book cover image.
How To Copy Look Inside Pages Of Amazon Books2.  Click on “Kindle Book” tab and wait for the pages to be downloaded.

Take Note: This tool CANNOT copy texts from the Print Book option. So you need to select Kindle Book tab as shown below.

greasemonkey amazon reader look inside3. Now you can copy the available limited pages of the book from LOOK INSIDE!

Make sure both the “Enabled” and “Amazon Reader (Look Inside) Downloader” are checked or ticked.

You can see them when you are on the Amazon website and you click on  the triangle symbol next to the money  icon on the top right hand corner of your computer screen.

copy amazon look inside page*IMPORTANT NOTICE: You can copy these texts of books from Amazon for personal use only.

But please DO NOT plagiarize it like this Malaysian writer.

* Here is a tutorial on how to copy and paste preview pages from Google Books.