Exposed Dawn Jeremiah’s Plagiarized Work In The Star

Note: This original blog post is about exposed Dawn Jeremiah’s plagiarized work in The Star Paper.

Sorry folks, I have to removed the original post as requested by Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) . [MyCERT-201209071033057]

The mail from MyCERT reads: “the inappropriate and abusive content, our complainant’s copyrighted photo has also been posted on your blog without the owner’s consent.

As such, we appreciate your cooperation to check on this matter and assist to take immediate action to remove the above inappropriate contents and the photo.”

This original post was picked up by Rolan San and published in LowYat forum and attracted a deluge of online visitors to my blog back in September, 2012.

Anyway, what you see and read here has been rewritten. Oh yes, this post is definitely NOT a piece of PLAGIARIZED work.

You can still read all about Dawn Jeremiah’s alleged plagiarized writing at:

Exposed Dawn Jeremiah's Plagiarized Work In The StarBy the way, if you just type in Dawn Jermiah plagiarism in Google today, you can find articles about her alleged plagiarized articles published in The Star online.

Interestingly, the copied content was initially removed after the expose, but it was put back on

Now it has been removed for good.

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