Free Andrew Mayne Magic Tricks And Illusions Pdf

Andrew Mayne Mayne magic tricks and illusions free books readily available in Google search results.

Andrew Mayne is one of my favorite magicians.

He is not only an established magician, illusion designer but also a successful fiction writer.

Andrew Mayne has invented over 400 magic effects and published 45 books and videos on the art of illusion.

He has worked with world renowned illusionists like David Copperfield, Penn & Teller and David Blaine.

Andrew Mayne magic tricks

In 2014, Andrew Mayne starred in the new TV series “Don’t Trust Andrew Mayne“, featuring from sleight of hand tricks to mind-blowing illusions like, fiery explosion to disappearing cars.

Personally, I have collected most of his books.

For those of you who like to create your own magic and illusion tricks, you should get hold to all his books.

Free Andrew Mayne Magic Tricks Books

In fact, you can get Andrew Mayne’s illusions free online via Google itself.

Spike Through Tongue

Here is one of his popular and very convincing illusion titled “Spike Through Tongue“.

free andrew mayne magic tricks and illusionsFor this trick, all you need is to have is two wire coat hangers.

Click HERE to get the two-page fully illustrated tutorial in PDF format.

Here are eight (8) free Andrew Mayne’s booklets of stage magic found in Google search results.

Touching The Sky-Levitation Illusions

The other day I found this 17-page booklet is titled “Touching The Sky: A Guide To Levitation” from Google.

This illusions booklet was published back in 2003.

There are five simple but effective levitation illusions which you can create and perform cheaply.

free Andrew Mayne magic tricks and illusionsThe illusions are clearly illustrated with photos of Andrew himself doing the tricks.

The five Illusions are: Broom-Flight, Airborne, Floating On The Edge, Mid-Air, Suspension of Disbelief and The Street Levitation.

Click HERE or Here

Pocket Sawing-In-Half:
Click Here or Here

Shock Magic:
Click Here

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Voodoo Box
Click Here

Specter Cabinet
Click Here

Light Storm
Click Here

The Ghost Key
Click Here

The Man With The X-Ray Specs
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Note: Quick download and saved all these free illusion books before they are removed from Google.