Free Andrew Mayne Mayhem E-book PDF

In one of my previous blog post, I shared with you the link to free e-books of magic tricks and illusions by Andrew Mayne pdf.

Today I came across another one pdf e-book by this same magician-cum-novelist Andrew Mayne over in Google search results.

I found them directly from Google search results.

Free Andrew Mayne Mayhem E-book PDFMAYHEM: Magic+Fun+Weirdness+Happiness+Psychosis

It is a 20-page instructional manual with 100 photographs. There are eight (8) amazing effects you can have fun with easily available cheap objects like paper cup, light bulb, scissors, brick, thumb tack, etc.

1. Cup-O-Joe-Mama:
This is spontaneous production of a cup of coffee from a seemingly empty paper bag.

2. Scissors:
It is a geek trick with shock effect that can be performed at moments notice. Snip the tip of your tongue with a sharp pair of scissors!

3. Bucket Head:
This is my all-time favorite trick. Basically you put a seemingly empty bucket over your head.

Then you lift it up and pour out a large amount of water from the supposed empty bucket! You don’t get wet, but instead you get lots of laughter.

4. Sneeze:
It’s a simple but a very cunning idea. The effect is you blow your nose and a brick falls out. Simply mind-blowing trick.

5. Brick Flight:
After you make a brick appeared from the above trick, now you make it vanishes. Then it reappears from a place it could not have possibly been. How about that?

6. Electric Lunch:
This is a geek trick that goes electric. Effect: You appear to smash the light bulb then eat it. Isn’t it fun?

7. Thumb Tack:
This trick can be a wee bit disturbing for some audience. What you do is you stick a thumb tack all the way in your thumb. You feel no pain and there is not a drop of blood.

8. Paper Cut:
Get a piece of paper and you slice it 2 to 3 inches deep into your arm. Again, this paper trick will not get you hurt, but it will definitely get your audience’s attention.

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ThenĀ  you click on the green color “Continue” button.

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