Free E-book On Silk Handkerchief Magic Tricks By Jean Hugard

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Yesterday, while I was googling, I found this e-book on magic tricks performed with silk handkerchief and scarf called “Silken Sorcery” by Jean Hugard.

It is readily available free of charge from the Google search.

Back in the olden days of conjuring acts, the magicians used silk handkerchiefs or scarfs as accessories.

Free E-book On Silk Handkerchief Magic Tricks By Jean HugardThey were made use to cover some small objects, such as a coin, or an egg for disappearing acts.

Or to cover a piece of apparatus, like a bird cage, in which another object to appear.

The earliest use of silk handkerchief was used as the act called the “Vanishing Handkerchief“, where the hanky was secretly being pulled up the sleeve of the magician.

Free E-book On Silk Handkerchief Magic Tricks By Jean HugardThen there was another popular magical act, where the silk hanky was used to produce sweets or other small gifts to be given to the audience.

Till today, fellow magicians still use this simple fun trick to entertain the younger audience.

Silken Sorcery Jean Hugard

In this 85-page book “Silken Sorcery“, there are twelve (12) chapters.

Among the many tips and ideas found in this book are: methods of folding silks for production, sleights for manipulation silks without the use of accessories, various methods of vanishing and producing silks, dyeing the silks, Twentieth Century Silk Trick, ties and flourishes, and also suggestions on patter.

It comes with hand-drawn illustrations to accompany all the tricks in the book.

Twentieth Century Silks Jean Hugard

The famous Twentieth Century Silk trick is included in this book as well.

The effect is where a silk handkerchief is vanished and then reappears tied between two other silk hankies.

In this book, it teaches you three different methods to perform this 20th Century Silks magic trick.

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