Free Jean Hugard Magic And Illusion Book Available Online

Free Jean Hugard Magic And Illusion Book

For those of you who are into magic tricks and illusion acts, here is a book which you may like to add into your magic book collection.

The other day I found this big fabulous book packed with 137 pages of magic tricks, ideas, combinations and illusions from Google search.

It is an old publication titled “The Magic Annual For 1937: Magic And Illusion By Jean Hugard”.

free Jean Hugard Magic and Illusion booksIn this free e-book, you can find plenty of classic and innovative magic and illusion effects written in full details.

This book alone can keep you (particularly amateurs) busy learning and practicing new tricks and moves for along time.

Free Jean Hugard Magic And Illusion E-book

For those of you who do not know Jean Hugard, he was born John Gerard Rodney Boyce in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.

He used various stage names that include, Kelmann, Hugarde, Jean Hugard and Chin Sun Loo.

It was back in 1880, after watching magician Louis Haselmayer perform, young Hugard instantly fell in love with the world of magic tricks.

Jean Hugard bullet catching trickFrom there, he started reading the works of Robert-Houdin’s “The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic,” and Professor Hoffmann’s “Modern Magic”.

He practiced hard and he even went on to developed and perfected his routines.

In 1896, Jean Hugard started performing professionally in front of live audience.

During his heydays, he performed in vaudeville, and toured Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific, the Fiji Islands and Hawaii.

Besides, this book, Hugard also wrote “Card Manipulation Nos. I to V”, “Coin Magic”, “Thimble Magic”, “Money Magic”, “Close-Up Magic” and “Silken Sorcery”.

He also edited a book titled “The Encyclopedia of Card Tracks”.

During his times, Hugard published his own popular magic periodical called “Hugard’s Magic Monthly (HMM).

Anyway among this big collection of tricks and illusions found in this book are: Cigar Manipulation, Thimble And Trumpet, Impromptu Newspaper Tearing, Hugard’s Bullet Catching, Hindu Fire Eating, Walking Through A String of Beads, Production of Real Cannon Balls, XXth Century Spirit Seance, Cutting A Woman In Half, The Fairy Fountain, and many more fascinating effects.

free jean hugard magic and illusion bookMany of these amazing effects come with clearly hand-drawn illustrations.

Quick, get this great book “The Magic Annual For 1937: Magic And Illusion By Jean Hugard” for FREE now, before it is removed from Google search.

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