Illusionettes By The Great Ovette Free Booklet

Have you heard of the booklet “Tricks And Illusionettes By The Great Ovette“?

Well, if you love to collect old magic books from the past or like to create your own tricks and illusions, you would love this free classic e-book.

This “Tricks And Illusionettes By The Great Ovette” was published way back in 1944.

For the uninitiated, this Italian-born magician Joseph Ovette was also a prolific writer.

Ovette was known for his acts such as the “Man They Could not Hang” and “The Bullet Catch“.

free tricks and illusionettes by great ovette booklet

Ovette Master Move

Those of you who are into card tricks, you should have heard of “Ovette Master Move” aka “Kelly Bottom Placement“.

It is a card sleight developed by Joseph Ovette back in 1927.

The trick is to secretly place a chosen card on the bottom of the deck.

Watch the video clip below showing you the amazing Ovette Master Move:

Here is another clip.

You can learn this card trick in Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 3.

Illusionettes By Great Ovette

This 34-page booklet has parlor tricks and stage illusions which include “The Waterless Tube”, “Oriental Tube”, “Stack of Fish Bowls”, “Vanishing Lamp” and others.

free tricks and illusionettes by great ovette booklet

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