Get Your Free Tarbell Course In Magic E-book Now

Free Tarbell Course In Magic E-book

Those of you who love to learn magic tricks as a hobby or even thinking of becoming the next amazing magician, then read on…

Personally I love the fascinating world of magic tricks and illusions, since my childhood days.

free tarbell course in magic ebookBut back in those days, it was difficult to find all those wonderful magic books.

But fortunately, these days you can purchase lots of books, magazines and encyclopedias relating to parlor magic tricks and stage illusions.

The other day, while searching through the Internet, I found this fabulous book, “The Original Tarbell Course In Magic by Harlen Tarbell.

This is a all-time favorite encyclopedia of magic tricks among professional and amateur magicians, even till today.

This 900-page book contains sixty (60) lessons.

This is the first five volumes (there are eight volumes in all) which were part of the original home-study correspondence course compiled in 1928 by Dr. Harlan Tarbell.

free tarbell course magic tricksIt is said to be the second most influential book on the art of magic tricks.

The first one the book “Modern Magic” by Professor Hoffman.

Many professional magicians have based their careers on the Tarbell Course.

In just one book, you can find a huge collection of in depth magic lessons with 3100 illustrations, construction drawings and pictures of famous magicians and advertising posters.

Besides, teaching you specific tricks, this Tarbell Course also teaches patter, marketing, the history of magic, ethics, advertising, routines, presentation, diction and elocution, magic theory, performance theory, acting, misdirection, timing and showmanship.

It offers the largest variety of magic in one book:

Card Magic, Paper Magic & Magic with Numbers, Coin Magic, Egg Magic – Coat & Hat Productions, History of Magic, Silks, Ribbons & Handkerchief Magic, Mind Reading & Spiritualistic Magic, Oriental Magic, Illusions, Billiard Ball & Novelty Magic, Rope, Tape & Rubber Band Tricks, Ties & Escapes, Chemical & Mechanic Magic, Rabbit & Other Animal Magic, Cigarette Magic, Thimble Magic, and much much more!

If you just one to collect just one book on magic tricks, then this “The Original Tarbell Course In Magic By Harlen Tarbell” is the one.

Hurry up, download this e-book for FREE, before it is removed or deleted from Google search.

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Note: If you want to own the hardcover book of “The Original Tarbell Course In Magic By Harlen Tarbell“, you can purchase it over at Amazon.