Harith Iskandar’s Wife Jezamine Lim Iskandar Naughty Pictures

Harith iskander’s wife Jezamine Lim Iskandar naughty pictures. Wah lau eh, she terror lah.  Dare to pose naked in her Facebook, you know!”

That was what I overheard a group of Chinese guys at a kopitiam one Saturday afternoon.

Jezamine Lim Tayang Perut

I thought it was one of those Harith Iskandar’s rehashed jokes.

Anyway, this surprising remark piqued my curiosity. So I went over to Jezamine Lim Iskander facebook to  take a peep.

Anyway, it is NOT bogel (nude) lah, but a couple of not really original but, well-shot photos of Harith’s young bride merely Jezamine Lim tayang perut (showing her tummy).

Harith Iskandar’s Wife Jezamine Lim Iskandar Naughty PicturesEver since the controversial Demi Moore pregnant photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine cover back in August 1991, many people are still doing this kind of outdated shot.

jezamine lim tunjuk perutHarith Iskandar’s Wife Jezamine Lim Iskandar Naughty Pictures

I know some Malaysians have already commented that Jezamine who is now a Muslim-convert, shouldn’t have exposed her aurat or awrah.

In fact Malaysian Muslims have been commenting and condemning Jezamine Lim’s aurat-exposing pictures, when she posed in her bikini for the cover of SHAPE magazine and other so-called naughty pictures in FHM magazine.

jezamine lim bikiniOf course, before  Jezamine Lim, there are other aurat-exposing pictures of local Muslim celebrities, like Dahlia Daphne Eleanor Iking (FHM), Ning Baizura, Atilia, etc.

Personally, I don’t have problem with  these so-called aurat-exposing pictures of Jezamine Lim Iskandar. In fact, I love them to death.

I am sure you agree with me that it is any time better to ogle her flat stretch mark-free tummy than seeing her roly-poly bald husband Harith Iskandar‘s ever swelling tummy.

No, this is not one of Harith’s old standup jokes.

Gambar Anak Harith Iskander Laman Web Lucah

Update 2016: It was not Harith’s wife’s swelling tummy pictures that appear in the adult sites.

On June 2015, it was reported in the press that photos of comedian Harith cradling his son appeared in a local pornographic site alongside graphic porn images.

And that’s definitely no joke!