Haunted Chinese Graveyard Along Jalan Ulu Kelang

Those who live around Kuala Lumpur area, should know the legendary Jalan Ulu Kelang.  Besides the tragic Highland Towers tragedy in 1993,  this road is notorious for its rush hour bumper-to-bumper traffic jams every weekday.

But, how many of you who use to travel or rather crawl along  Jalan Ulu Kelang, know that there said to be a haunted Chinese graveyard hidden somewhere nearby?

"haunted places of kuala lumpur"
Chinese Graveyard Taman Pinggiran Ukay

This Chinese graveyard  is hidden away on a deserted hillslope along Jalan Pinggiran of Taman Pinggiran Ukay. If you are travelling from Zoo Negara towards Ampang direction, it is after Taman Ukay Perdana. The junction turning in to Taman Pinggiran Ukay is after the Shell petrol kiosk and just before the Esso petrol kiosk.

From the Jalan Ulu Kelang, you can only see the jungle hilly slope next to Esso petrol station. The graveyard is right behind this hilly jungle.

The cemetery is on a steep hillslope along Jalan Pinggiran and facing Jalan Pinggiran 3 and 4.

At night that part of the road is rather dark and quiet. I came to know this lonely Chinese cemetery because I was involved in local TV dramas and we use that graveyard as our shooting location for a couple of times now.

"haunted chinese graveyard in kuala lumpur"
Shooting Horror TV Drama Pinggiran Ukay Graveyard

Just last week, at about 10 p.m. we were there to shoot a scene for a horror TV drama. As usual that place is rather deserted, dark and eerily quiet, even there are elegant-looking double storey link houses around that area.

As usual I have heard that this Chinese cemetery at Taman Pinggiran Ukay is also one of those haunted places of Kuala Lumpur. Well, true or not, I am not too sure. So far we haven’t had any strange encounter or weird experience when we were there shooting our TV dramas.

So the next time, when you are caught in the traffic jam along Jalan Ulu Kelang, turn into that lonely road leading to the so-called haunted Chinese graveyard.

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