Hong Kong Star Kenny Bee A Toy Boy In The Sixties

Do you know Hong Kong artiste Kenny Bee, also known as Chung Chun-to was a rich woman’s toy boy back in the late Sixties?

And at that time, he was also a struggling taxi driver.

Well, it’s not completely true.

It was actually a movie role in which Kenny Bee acted in.

The award-winning 1989 Hong Kong drama comedy titled “A Fishy Story“( 不脫襪的人).

It was directed by his band mate, the drummer of the now-defunct pop band “The Wynners“, Anthony Chan.

Kenny Bee Toy Boy Sixties

Kenny Bee A Toy Boy In The Sixties

This light-hearted romantic comedy starred Kenny Bee, Maggie Cheung, Josephine Koo Mei-Wah and Anthony Chan himself.

It is set in the turbulent 1967 Hong Kong, amidst political unrest raging through the territory.

Maggie plays an aspiring starlet who leads wealthy men on in hopes of furthering her acting career.

While Kenny Bee, her neighbor, who lives upstairs is an unlicensed taxi driver and a rich woman’s toy boy.

The hit song “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” by The Platters is used for the black and white opening montage and the closing of the film.

A Fishy Story” was critically acclaimed and box office hit in Hong Kong.

In fact, Maggie Cheung won her very first Best Actress Awards for this movie at 9th Hong Kong Film Awards.

By the way, this movie also won the Best Cinematography award.

It is the work of cinematographer and film director Peter Pau Tak-Hei.

Incidentally, he is the same Peter Pau who won the Academy Award for Best Cinematographer in 2000 for his work on Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon“.

Watch A Fishy Story Free OnlineWatch A Fishy Story Movie Online

This full movie is not readily and freely available over at YouTube or DailyMotion.

For those of you who really want to check out this movie online, you can still managed to watch it over here.

But the problem is if you play the movie over at this site, you cannot enlarge it to a full screen.

If you want to enjoy it in a full screen, then you need to copy the video link address, and then you paste it the address bar of a new browser page.

This is how you do it:

1. Go the sites as suggested above.

2. Click on the Play button and let the video play.

3. Then you right-click anywhere on the page (but not directly over the video image).

4. A popup menu box pops appears.

5. Click on “Inspect Element (Q)“.

6. Now click on the first icon called “Pick an element from the page“.

7. Then move your mouse cursor over the video image.

8. Immediately you can see the video link, beginning with “https://r4—sn-3….

9. Now move your mouse cursor over this URL, and right click on your mouse.

10. A popup menu box appears.

11. Click on “Copy Link Address” (at the bottom of the list).

12. Next you open a new browser page (or new tab).

13. If you’ve set your browser homepage as Google, then you just delete away “https://www.google.com/” in the address bar.

14. Paste the Link Address which you have copied at #11 onto the empty space

15. Press the “Enter” key.

16. Now you can see the video interface by itself.

17. In fact the movie should start playing by now.

18. To watch the movie “A Fishy Story” in a full screen, just click on the Enlarged Icon (four tiny pointed arrows), next to the Volume Icon.

That’s all.

Happy watching.

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