Malaysian Gay Marriage: Student Ariff Alfian Rosli And Jonathan Perkahwinan Gay

Another controversial Malaysian gay marriage. This time is a Malay-Muslim medical student University College Dublin, by the name of Ariff Alfian Rosli with his partner known as Jonathan.

According to one Malaysian news, the Malaysia Muslim community is outraged over Ariff Alfian Rosli’s “shameful” and “sinful” act, better known as perkahwinan gay (gay marriage). There is even a newly setup Facebook group who called themselves,“The Campaign to Bring Ariff Alfian Rosli Home to Malaysia
to Save His Faith”.

malaysian gay marriage student Ariff Alfian Rosli
Malaysia Gay News: Ariff Alfian Rosli & Jonathan

The big brouhaha started after pictures of the so-called “missing Malaysian student” Ariff Alfian Rosli’s same-sex civil union appeared on the Internet.

As reported, 28 year-old Ariff Alfian left for Dublin eight years ago on a Petronas scholarship.  Ariff Alfian Rosli denied that he had “gone missing” as reported. He told the press that both Irish and Malaysian authorities have been aware for several years that he was legally residing there.

Ariff even said that he was in regular contact with most of his family, accept with his father, retired naval officer Rosli Haron, since they fell out in 2009.

This Malay gay man  from Malaysia also denied claims he had converted out of Islam. He said that his faith is unshaken and that he would remain as a Muslim until the day he dies.

Perkahwinan Gay
Talking about controversial Malaysian perkahwinan gay news,  we have  Malaysian gay pastor marriage, Ouyang Wen Feng  and his African-American partner Phineas Newborn III.

Then there was another case in the year 2008. A  Malaysian man  who was Montreal resident, Kulenthiran Amirthalingam and his Muslim gay partner.

He persuaded Immigration Minister Diane Finley to grant him a ministerial certificate to allow him to stay in Canada; to avoid being deported to Malaysia, for fear of be thrown in prison, because he is gay. But after the judge declared his homosexuality was not credible, Kulenthiran Amirthalingam was sent back to Malaysia.

Interesting Malaysia Facts
By the way, here is one of those interesting Malaysia facts. Do you know that according to Google Insight,  BoyFriendTV, a free gay online site is one of the most popular search site among many Malaysians. The top three Malaysian searchers are from Negri Sembilan, Melaka and Sabah.