Most Funny Joke About Harith Iskandar Malaysia’s Premier Stand-Up Comedian

Here is one funny fact about this bald chubby Malaysia’s premier stand-up comedian Harith Iskandar.

Harith is promoting Nescafe 3-in-1 instant coffee. We all know that drinking 3-in-1 beverages is never a healthy choice. The instant coffee is smooth and foamy, but definitely not funny; as it is laden with excessive sugar, which is associated with obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

 Harith iskandar promoting the foamy smooth 3-in-1 nescafe instant coffee

Recently the same Harith Iskandar is extolling promoting how sedap (tasty) is Mi Sedaap Kari Instant Noodle. Again we all know that consuming too much instant noodle is harmful to one’s health. Instant noodle is high in carbohydrates, sodium and other food additives.

harith iskandar promoting mi sedaap kari instant noodle

At the same time, this Malaysia’s premier stand-up comedian Harith is promoting healthy lifestyle for Essentiale Forte N. Something about taking care of your liver.

Harith Iskandar promoting about having a healthy liver for Essentiale Forte N

Now this is funny. Harith can really make total strangers laugh their heads off . Companies are paying the same funny guy to promote unhealthy foodstuff and also telling us to lead a healthy life by taking care of our liver at the same time. No wonder, Harith is laughing all his way to the bank.