Where Can I Buy Pepper Spray In Malaysia?

Pepper Spray Malaysia

These days, Malaysians, especially Malaysian women are dead worried about being the next victim of a brutal attack in public places.

No, I’m not talking about Jelapang assemblyman Datuk Hee Yit Foong who attacked Aulong assemblyman Yew Tian Hoe with a pepper spray in Perak legislative assembly on May, 2009.

where can I buy pepper spray in MalaysiaI am referring to the number of vicious attacks which were reported in the local dailies recently.

Anyway, one way to protect yourself from being harmed by a assailant is to store a couple of big canister pepper sprays in your handbag.

These are some of the places where you can buy pepper spray in Malaysia:

1. Guardian Pharmacies

2. Watson Pharmaceuticals

3. ACE Hardware Stores

4. Sasa Outlets

5. I Need House outlets

6. Tesco Stores

7. Outpost Uniform outlets

8. Caring Pharmacy

9. Carrefour stores

10. Lelong.com.my

Hot Pepper Security Spray Malaysia

Then there is this popular product for self defense called Hot Pepper Security Spray.It costs around RM40 each.

You can get locally-made ones from lelong.com.my

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