How To Renew Driving License At Post Office Malaysia

My experience on how to renew driving license post office Malaysia.

The other day I was was shocked to find out that my driving license has expired almost a year ago.

It was renewed back in year 2009 for the period of five years. So it expired late last year (2004).

Renew Driving License Post Office Malaysia

First I thought of going over to Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia (JPJ) or Road Transport Department over at UTC Pudu Sentral Puduraya to renew it.

Then I realized we could renew our driving license at any post office.

renew driving license post office malaysiaSo popped over to my neighborhood Pos Malaysia, without having to go to the stinking, dirty pusat bandar raya (city center) infested with foreigners.

All I did was I handed over my expired driving license together with my MyKad.

Immediately, the courteous awek Melayu staff had it done right away.

How Much To Renew Driving License In Malaysia Post Office

I renewed it for five (5) years and it costs me RM150. (RM30 per year)

Since I had it done in the post office, there is an extra service charge of RM2.

And with the Goods And Services Tax (GST), the full amount came up to RM152.10.

That day the post office was not crowded and it took me less than ten minutes to have my driving license renewed.