Sekinchan Paddy Field Photos

Paddy field in Sekinchan, Sebak Benam, Selangor.

One lazy afternoon I took a leisure drive to Sekinchan aka the rice bowl of Selangor in the district of Sabak Benam, Selangor. The journey took me about an hour plus from KL.

Every now and then, I love visiting small quaint pekan (town) around Malaysia, to get away from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur.

After a tiring drive, I took a break in an old wooden kopi-tiam (coffee shop) for a cup of kopi-O kaw (black coffee) and a set of roti bakar (toast).

Then I took a slow drive around the countryside and using my cellphone camera I took some photos of lush green paddy field or sawah padi Sekinchan and its surrounding picturesque landscape.

This is great town for KL folks to getaway for the weekend. It is not too far away and it is easy to locate the place. The pace of life here is slow and easy.

Take your time to drive around the Chinese new village.  You can see elderly men sitting around coffee shops and under trees, shooting breeze.

There are many food stalls in this small fishing town. For those of you who love fresh and reasonably-priced seafood, then this is the place for you.

Oh yes, it even has small secluded beach called Pantai Redang.

Below are some of Sekinchan paddy field photos:

paddy field sekinchan selangorSekinchan Paddy Field Selangor


green paddyfield sekinchanSekinchan Paddy Sunrise


paddy field sekinchan birdhouseSekinchan Padi Field


stream paddy field sekinchanSekinchan Paddy Season

 paddy field sekinchanSekinchan Paddy Field Photo

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