Stage Illusion Plans By Paul Osborne For Free Download

* Last Update: November 25th, 2016

Free Stage Illusion Plans By Paul Osborne

Those of you who love the world of magic and grand illusions, then you must have heard of the name Paul Osborne.

He is an illusionist and designer who collaborated with David Copperfield to create the famous Death Saw illusion.

66 year-old Paul also worked with other world-renowned illusionist like Siegfried and Roy and the late Canadian magician Doug Henning.

He not only works with magicians, but musicians as well; pop-stars like Alice Cooper, David Bowie and Britney Spears for her Circus Tour in 2009.

For those of you who are thinking of learning or like to build your own stage magic and illusion apparatus, here is a piece of good news.

The other day while I was surfing around the Net and I was surprised to discover there are sites where you can get Paul Osborne’s classic illusions plans available readily online FREE of charge.

I know there are not new books. In fact they were published back in the 80s.

Currently each of these books costs around $40. His books offer lots of ideas, tips and advice on building your own  stage illusion props.

Stage Illusion Plans Paul Osborne Free Download

Here are six free build your own illusions e-books (in pdf)  By Paul Osborne where you can download right away:

1. Illusion Systems Book One By Paul Osborne (77 pages)

stage illusion plans paul osborne free downloadClick HERE.

2. Illusion Systems Book Two By Paul Osborne (103 pages)

Paul Osborne illusion systems book 2 pdf downloadClick HERE.

3. Illusion Systems Book Three By Paul Osborne (107 pages)

Paul Osborne stage illusion illustrations free downloadClick Here.

4. Illusion Systems  Book Four By Paul Osborne (141 pages)

Paul Osborne illusion systems book 4 pdf free downloadClick Here.

5. Easy To Build Illusions (Viewing only)

easy to build illusions by paul osborneHere is another free Paul Osborne’s illusion plan which you view only. If you want to download, you need to pay for it.

Click HERE.

6. Where Is She? (2 pages)
An amazing illusion designed by Paul Osborne.

where is she illusion paul osborneClick HERE.

7. Haunted Illusion By Paul Osborne (173 pages)

haunted illusions paul osborneClick Here.

Disclaimer: I am not sure whether all these free downloads are legal. I found them directly from Google search results.

Note: Quickly download and save these free illusion plans before Google remove them!