How to Transfer Money From PayPal To Malaysia Bank Account

Transfer Money From Paypal To Malaysia Bank Account Tutorial

Before that, I used Public Bank Debit Card to withdraw money from my PayPal account.

In addition, I had to pay a withdraw fee of $5.00 USD.

These days, I directly transfer the money from my PayPal account to my Maybank account, without having to pay any fee.

transfer money from paypal to malaysia bank accountActually you need to pay a fee of RM3.00 if you withdraw less than RM400.00.

As for me, normally I withdraw more than four hundred Ringgit each transaction.

Most of my money accumulated in my PayPal account comes from various sources of online income, which include Chitika,  AdMediaClick and Clicksor.

Note: Before you can do this, you need to link your PayPal to your Malaysia bank account.

Transfer Money PayPal To Malaysia Bank Account Guide

Now, let’s find out how to transfer money from PayPal to your bank account in Malaysia:

1. Login to your PayPal account. Click “Withdraw“.

how to withdraw money from paypal in malaysia2. It will show you this page (below) with the details about the processing time and the cost.

There is a currency converter which you can use it to check the conversation of your amount.

Next click “Withdraw to your bank account“.

how to withdraw paypal money in malaysia3. Fill in the amount you wish to withdraw in the empty box provided. Then click “Continue” button below.

how to withdraw paypal money from malaysia bank account4. The next page will show your withdrawal information.

Read through it carefully, make sure it is correct, before you click “Submit” button below. It is done.

how to make money online in malaysia5. Now it will take you to a page which says: “Your withdrawal request is in progress.”

At this point, you can click either:

– View the details of this request
– Go to My Account.

As for me, I select “View the details of this request“.

withdraw money from paypal to malaysia bank account6. This is what you will see if click “View the details of your request”.

withdraw funds from paypal from your bank account7. You will receive an email from PayPal notifying you that  you have transferred money from PayPal to your bank.

how to withdraw paypal money from your maybank account

That’s how you transfer PayPal funds to your bank account.

*UPDATED: Below is my latest MayBank2U statement which shows the money which has been transferred successfully to my MayBank account.

transfer money from paypal to malaysia bank account