Watch Free Movies Without China IP Address Tip 2017

Let’s find out more how to watch free movies without China IP address.

In other words, you do NOT have to unblock or bypass any geo-restriction.

You can enjoy all Movie Website free movies without hassle.

No need a VPN or even a proxy server.

You heard me right:

For those of you who live outside China, you can watch all its free movies without using a China IP address.

Youku is another China website which you can watch all its free shows without a China IP address.

I am from Malaysia and below is my current IP address.

watch outside ChinaAnd I can enjoy all the free films from this China streaming website right away. Movie Website is an online streaming service operated by China Movie Channel.

It is named after the year 1905, the time “The Battle of Dingjunshan” (the first Chinese language film) was released

Watch Free Movies Without China IP Address

You just go over to Movie Website.

Once you are at the site, scroll all the way down until you see this part:

watch free movies outside ChinaThe four Chinese characters means Blockbusters.

The four movies featured there are meant for VIP members.

It means you would NOT get to view the full film free of charge.

You can watch it film for the first five minutes only.

Then the VIP notification pops up.

how to watch China streaming sites without China IP addressJust below these four featured films, you can see two buttons.

Click the one on the right. outside China no VPNIt means “More Free Movies“.

When you click on it, it will open a new page.

From this page you can filter the movies by region. (as shown below) movie website ChinaIt is listed below the slider banner at the top of the page.

To be precise, it is the second section from the right hand corner. without China IP address outside ChinaAnyway, here is the link to the “Europe & America” movie selections.

Disappointingly, there is not that many English feature movies.

Most of them are “Making Of”, Oscar Academy Award & Cannes Film festival reports, documentaries of movies and celebrities.

There are only a few free full-length English feature movies in there.

But there are a lot more free full movies from the Mainland China, followed by those from Hong Kong.

To watch the free films, just click on the movie thumbnails.

Then you have to wait for the sixty-second commercials to finish.

Then only you get to watch the movie.

Two days ago, I checked it out for myself.

The first movie which I watched was the 2006 movie “The Painted Veil“.

This drama movie is based on the novel of the same title by the English author W. Somerset Maugham.

It stars Edward Norton, Naomi Watts, Toby Jones, Anthony Wong and Liev Schreiber.

It comes with Chinese subtitles.

here is a scene of actress Naomi Watts as captured from my PC as I watched it that day.

Watch free movies without China IP addressHere is the link to the film “The Painted Veil” which is directed by John Curran.

After that I went over to check out the 2010 Hong Kong biographical martial arts sequel “Ip Man 2” (葉問2).

It stars Donnie Yen.

It is loosely based on the life of the grand-master of of the martial art Wing Chun.

Below is a fighting scene featuring Donnie Yen sparring with China actor Huang Xiaoming, as captured from my computer. without proxy server or VPN If you want to watch the movie Ip Man 2“, click here.

Later that day, I checked out the 2006 “Jade Warrior” aka “Jadesoturi” (in Finnish).

It is a Finnish-Chinese co-produced movie directed by Antti-Jussi Annila. China streaming website without China IP addressIf you want to check out this wuxia with Finnish Kalevala mythology film, click here.

Next I went on to watch this popular the 2012 Chinese psychological thriller “Double Xposure” (二次曝光).

It stars the gorgeous Fan Bingbing and Feng Shaofeng.

This is a scene captured from this China movie on my computer screen.

Double Xposure free 1905.comIt comes with English subtitles.

Check out this blockbuster flick, by clicking here now.

For old time sake, I re-watched my all-time favorite China movie “Raise The Red Lantern“.

This award-winning 1991 film “Raise The Red Lantern” directed by Zhang Yimou.

It is an adaptation from the novel “Wives And Concubines” by the acclaimed novelist Su Tong.

It stars Gong Li.

This is a scene of the then-younger Chinese actress Gong Li captured from my PC screen.

Raise The Red Lantern from free onlineFor those of you who love this Zhang Yimou’s classic, click here now.

That night I watched the 2014 Chinese horror thriller film “Midnight Hair” (夜半梳头).

It stars Daniella Wang, Lee Wei, Xuan Lu and Yang Zitong.

This Mandarin flick has English subtitles.

Midnight Hair horror film from 1059.comA scene from “Midnight Hair” as captured from my computer that night.

If you love to scared stiff, check out this frightening movie over here. Movie Website has lots of Mainland China movies followed by those from Hong Kong & Taiwan.

This is another China-based streaming website where you can watch free movies, even for those living outside China.

Without using a China IP address, a VPN or a proxy server.

Enjoy your movies.