Watch A Fishy Story Movie Online

Have you watch the movie called “A Fishy Story“?

No, I’m not talking about the 2013 flick “A Fish Story” directed by Matt Birman.

I’m referring to the the award-winning 1989 Hong Kong drama comedy titled “A Fishy Story“( 不脫襪的人).

The two main characters in this film are Kenny Bee and Maggie Cheung.

This movie was directed by directed by Kenny Bee’s band mate, the drummer of the now-defunct Canto-pop band “The Wynners“, Anthony Chan.

The story is about a taxi driver Ah Chung (Kenny Bee) caught between two women, an elderly wealthy socialite (Josephine Koo Mei-Wah) and an a young aspiring actress set amid the political unrest in Hong Kong during the 1967.

To be exact, the Hong Kong 1967 leftist riots.

watch a fishy story online

The then young Maggie Cheung plays an aspiring starlet who leads wealthy men on in hopes of furthering her acting career.

While Kenny Bee, her neighbor, who lives upstairs is a struggling taxi driver and a rich woman’s toy boy.

Watch A Fishy Story Online

The hit song “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” by The Platters is used for the black and white opening montage and the closing of the film.

A Fishy Story” was critically acclaimed and box office hit in Hong Kong.

In fact, Maggie Cheung won her very first Best Actress Awards for this movie at 9th Hong Kong Film Awards.

By the way, this movie also won the Best Cinematography award.

It is the work of cinematographer and film director Peter Pau Tak-Hei.

Incidentally, he is the same Peter Pau who won the Academy Award for Best Cinematographer in 2000 for his work on Ang Lee’s “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon“.

Here is the trailer of this movie:

For those who like to watch the full movie in the Internet, you can try googling: watch a fishy story online.