How I Watch Free Movies From China Video Streaming Websites Without VPN 2017

Do you know you can watch free movies from China video streaming websites without VPN?

You must be wondering:

How do you do it without VPN, if you’re outside China?

Most of the tutorials on the Internet, tell you to sign up for VPN (virtual private network) services to access streaming video content sites from Mainland China.

Yes, I am talking about watching all those free shows from websites which include: PPTV, PPS, Youku, LeTV, iQiYi, Baidu Video, Kankan, Dianyingku, TV Sohu, Wasu, RR.TV, CZTV, 56 Movie, and many more.

Let me share with you:

If you are living outside China, you CAN access the above mentioned websites without a VPN or a proxy server via your Firefox.

But you would NOT be able to watch all the free shows available from there.

Except for VQQ site.

The best option is definitely using a virtual private network (VPN).

Watch China Video Streaming Websites  With Proxy Server

But what if you don’t want to use both the free and paid VPN services?

You can use a proxy server.

These are some of the more popular proxy servers: FoxyProxy,, Hidester, Anonymouse, Zend2 and Megaproxy.

The best part:

They are free of charge.

Watch Free Movies From China Video Streaming Websites Without VPN

I am living outside China.

Malaysia, to be precise.

And I have been watching all those latest TVB dramas, Korean TV series, and my favorite movies from Hong Kong, United States, Japan, United Kingdom and many other countries.

The surprise is:

I am not using the faster TM Unifi connection.

Currently I am still using Streamyx Basic (Home Prepaid) package with the download speed of 1.0Mbps. (RM117/month)

Watch Free Streaming Videos With FoxyProxy Extension

I have been watching free streaming videos with the help of a proxy server called FoxyProxy.

It is very easy to install and use.

You can read a very detailed tutorial on how to install and use FoxyProxy over at Digiztal.

After you have properly installed FoxyProxy add-on on your Firefox, you should see a small fox icon between your address box and the search box.

Before you can access all the free video sites from China, you need to set up your proxy.

To do that, you need to get China IP addresses and their corresponding port numbers.

watch China Streaming sites with proxy serverYou can get them free from the Internet.

Just google “free proxy list from China”, “proxies from China” or “china proxy ip address list”. (without the quotes)

You need to take time to try them out; each one at a time.

Personally I have setup a few options in my FoxyProxy.

china ip address proxyRemember this:

Not all the China IP addresses will allow the free videos to be streamed smoothly to your PC.

This is based on my own experience.

After a few attempts, I know which proxy IP address (by color) works well for a specific website.

For instance, if I want to watch movies from, I use the red color proxy.

But that proxy can work for a particular site, it doesn’t mean it will definitely work successfully for the other sites like iQiYi or Youku.

This is the part which takes up much of your time when you use a proxy server.

Interestingly, I don’t have any major problem with slow connections, instability, loading page issues or constantly being cut off.

To be honest with you, at times, these kinds of technical hiccups do happen.

But fortunately for me, they seldom occur.

Problem Loading Page Server Not Found

It is a normal occurrence when you are using a proxy server.

When you first log in, you may see a white page like this:

proxy server connection failedWhy?

It is because most of us, the homepage of our browser is set at Google.

When you set your FoxyProxy with China IP address, you cannot connect with Google anymore.

When you use a China IP address, it means your computer is now in China, so to speak.

As you know folks in China CANNOT access Google.

It is blocked by the Great Firewall of China.

That’s why you get the “Secure Connection Failed” error notice as shown above.

One way to fix this problem is:

When you are at the “secure Connection Failed” page,  you change the to in the address bar.

China IP address secure connection failed

Then you reload the page.

If you have tried a few times and it still cannot open Baidu hompage, then you need to try with a new IP address.

After you have successfully managed to open Baidu homepage, it means you can start going to any one of those video streaming sites now.

baidu video free movies downloadType its URL into the search box of Baidu homepage.

You can access the site, but this particular China IP address may not allow the movie to stream successfully to your PC.

You need to try playing the movie.

If after a few attempts, and it still fail to play the movie, then you should try a new IP address.

Similarly you may see an error page about connection has timed out as shown below:

connection timed out proxy serverYou need to click on the blue button “Try Again“.

Another regular error is “The connection was reset“.

how to fix the proxy server is refusing connectionsAgain you need to click on the “Try Again” button to fix the problem.

Be patient.

One good site to visit is Baidu Video.

This popular China-based content video platform offers video search and content aggregation services.

The contents are sources from PPS, PPTV, Youku, IQiYi, VQQ, Wasu, RR.TV, CZTV,V.iFeng and others

I have watched free movies and TV series from Baidu Video with FoxyProxy all these times.

Two weeks ago, I watched the remake of the 1972 action thriller film “The Mechanic“; made popular by the late Charles Bronson.

This new version is directed by Simon west and stars Jason Statham.

This video is from PPTV as you can see from visual I have captured from my computer screen, as shown below:

Watch Free Movies From China Video Streaming Websites Without VPNHow To Watch iQiYi Outside China

If you try to watch shows from iQiYi outside China without VPN or proxy server, you will see this reminder:

how to watch iqiyi outside china I managed to watch the 2012 Hong Kong police thriller flick “Cold War” (寒戰) from iQiYi.

This award-winning actioner stars Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung, Charlie Young, Gordom Lam, Andy Lau and Eddie Peng.

Here is a scene of Tony Leung captured from the film while streaming on my laptop.

Watch free movies from China video streaming websites without VPNWhen you try watching movie from iQiYi, you may encounter connection problem.

Then you will see this notification:

how to watch iqiyi in malaysiaTo fix the connection problem, click on the link as shown in the visual above.

If I am experiencing buffering problem, what I do is I pause the “Play” mode and let the movie to download first for a while.

Then only I continue watching it.

Watch Youku Outside China With FoxyProxy

I have even watched “Cold War 2” from Youku (优酷).

This 2016 Hong Kong-Chinese crime thriller film is the sequel to box-office hit “Cold War“.

youku free hong kong movies

I did not encounter any major hiccup along the way.

After that I continued to watch “Lucy” over at Youku.

The 2014 English-language French science fiction action film written and directed by Luc Besson.

It stars Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Choi Min-sik and Amr Waked.

As you can see from the image below is the beautiful Scarlett Johansson from the movie “Lucy” on Youku, captured from my computer screen.

how to watch youku in malaysiaThe same eveing I went on to watch the 2016 Chinese-Hong Kong crime action film “Operation Mekong“.

This quite recent movie is directed by Dante Lam and stars Zhang Hanyu and Eddie Peng.

The film is based on the Mekong River massacre.

how to unblock youku in malaysiaThe above is the a scene captured from the movie from my PC screen.

Watch TianTian KanKan OutSide China

Yesterday I successfully accessed to watch Slyvester Stallone’s 1976 sleeper hit “Rocky“.

This sports drama film stars Stallone as Rocky Balboa, Talia Shire as Adrian, Burt Young as Adrian’s brother Paulie, Burgess Meredith as Rocky’s trainer Mickey Goldmill, and Carl Weathers as Apollo Creed.

Watch free movies from China video streaming websites without VPNI captured one of the scene from my computer screen as shown above.

As you can see from the visual, this movie is playing on TianTian KanKan (天天看看).

For those who are ardent fans of “Rocky” movies, this site has six of them in there, as shown below:

free movies from china streaming websitesExcept for the seventh installment (2015) of the Rocky series, titled “Creed“.

By the way, you won’t get to watch all the movies for free on YouTube.

Again, luckily for me, there is not much technical glitch.

When you’re watching the video, be prepared for advertisements.

Western ad blockers don’t work on Chinese advertisements.

Adverts will pop up abruptly in the middle of a video.

For those of you who live outside Mainland China, and like to watch the massive collection of movies and TV shows from Chinese streaming video sites, try it out.

You don’t need to pay for any VPN service.

Just install the free FoxyProxy extension onto your FireFox.

Happy watching….

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