Watch iQiYi Free Movies Outside China Without VPN

This original blog post was about how to watch iQiYi free movies outside China without VPN, and it was written way back in the year 2012.

Then I have it updated in 2017.

Over the years, this online movie and video streaming website from Mainland China has changed so much.

Now (2020), I have this to say:

If you are living outside China and want to watch free movies and TV shows from iQiYi, without VPN or a free proxy server, forget about this site.

watch iQiYi free movies outside China

Watch iQiYi Free Movies Outside China

Back in those days, there are lots of free films and TV shows to watch, without having to resort to free/paid VPN or proxy server via a China IP address.

You just go to the IQIYI site and download its app.

Then you can enjoy endless hours of entertainment from those shows categorized as FREE content (免費), without using a Chinese IP address.

Currently for those residing outside the Chinese mainland, you can still view some free movies (together with lengthy commercials) with a free proxy server, like FoxyProxy.

But it’s not worth your time.

Note: Here is one important reminder:

My advice is NEVER download iQiYi app, particularly those who do not understand the Chinese language (Mandarin).

You can manage to successfully install its app, but when you want to delete it later, you will encounter more than language problem.

From experience, just like most free software, your computer will be clogged with hidden and the so-called ‘undeletable’ files.

There is so much raving and ranting online about the difficulties of completely removing this iQiYi app!

Even with an installed IQIYI app, for those of you living outside China, you still do not get to watch that many so-called “FREE” shows.

In short, do not install IQIYI app.

Watch Free Chinese Shows iQiYi Outside China

But here is the good news for those who only watch China movies and TV dramas.

If you are into Chinese or rather Mainland China productions (movies, TV series, variety shows and animation), then check out this other iQiYi site.

It has many more free content you can watch without VPN or a proxy server, even if you are living outside China.

You can enjoy watching all the shows, except those listed as VIP.

Besides this website, you can also watch free movies from other China-based streaming site without VPN or via China IP address proxy, over at: VQQ, Youku, LeTV, or Tudou.

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