0391775000 Anonymous Phone Call Malaysia – Ignore It!

0391775000 is another notorious annoying anonymous telephone call which many Malaysians have been receiving, including me.

I received this harassing call a couple of time.

As the number is unfamiliar to me, I did not answer it or return the caller.

When it did not leave any message, I suspected it must be from one of those suspicious anonymous callers.

039177500 anonymous caller Malaysia03-9177-5000 Not From TMNet

I read over the Internet, this number 603-9177-5000 is from someone who claimed himself to be a TMnet staff, promoting UniFi service.

But when someone checked with TM office he was told there is no such number in Telekom Malaysia.

According to one of friends who also has been getting this strange telephone calls, told me that they came from different caller, who are both male and female.

The caller would ask the same standard question, something like: “Are you still using Internet service at this particular house number?”

And when my friend asked the caller how he got his phone number, the stranger would cut off the line abruptly.

Strangely, when you call back this number, you would be told that the number is not in service.

My personal advice is if you receive calls from the phone number 0391775000 on your hand phone, just ignore it or have it blocked.

It could be prank calls or some kind of scams.