10 Year-Old Female Guitarist Audrey Will Rock Your Socks Off

Hey rock guitarist wannabes, if you think you can fiddle a few guitar chords and do some fingering workouts, watch this ten years old girl called Audrey. She is not playing with Guitar Hero or Rockband.

Amazingly talented Audrey uses Rocksmith. For the uninitiated, Rocksmith is a music video game that uses actual electric guitars. You can use this software to hone your guitar playing skills. You need fingering dexterity to play this online game.

audery guitarist rocksmith

The latest Rocksmith 2014 Edition now comes in over 80 interactive lessons to help teach you all the technique related to playing guitar and bass. It can even point out your mistakes and how you can correct them.

In fact, when she was eight years old, Audrey has been playing the electric bass guitar to the tunes by The Horrors, Pat Benatar, Judas priest and Blink 182.

Anyway, watch the YouTube video below featuring the young rock guitarist Audrey rocking away heavy metal Slayer’s lightning-speed “War Ensemble”, while her funny energetic younger sister Kate screaming her head off like a true rock star.

Anyway, here is another amazing young Japanese female rock guitarist.