8TV ‘Racist’ Ramadan Ad Featuring ‘Ah Lian’ Removed

Some called it 8TV ‘racist’ Ramadan ad. Another sensitive festival advert from Prima Media group.

Remember last year’s TV3’s Hari Raya advertisment controversy featuring the Pak cik in white with his flying becha (tricycle)?

After receiving complaints that it is similar to a Father Santa or Santa Claus in his flying sleigh, TV3  axed the Hari Raya TV ad.

This year again, but this time is from 8TV (it is also from the same group, Media Prima Berhad).

8TV 'Racist' Ramadan AdIt is a Ramadan Public Service Announcements (PSA), featuring an Ah Lian character.

A Chinese girl running around and shouting  aloud in different scenes at Ramadan bazaar stalls.

They depict her being rude, greedy and dressing inappropriately in a public place. Yes, an obnoxious Ah Lian.



According to Media Prima chief executive officer Ahmad Izham Omar, 8TV is withdrawing this 30-second Ramadhan PSA.

The complaint is the Ramadan advertisement is stereotyping and being racist.

Some Malaysians even called this over-done TV ad an insult to Malaysian Chinese.

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