How To Activate MayBank Visa Debit Card For Online Purchases

Updated July 2020: Follow this latest tutorial on how to activate Maybank debit card online using the new Maybank2U website.

The Debit Card Purchase Limit settings is not available anymore in the old or classic MayBank2U website.

Here is an easy-to-understand  guide on how to  activate Maybank visa debit card for online purchases.

The other day I wanted to renew my hosting account at Bluehost with my Maybank Visa Debit Card.

After I keyed in my CVV2 Number (the three digits at the back of the debit card), I clicked the green color Process Order button.

Then a box popped up with this message: “You are to be charged (the amount). Continue?” I clicked OK.

And I got this message: Billing failure: Transaction failed – Do Not Honor with a strip of yellow color background as shown below:

activate Maybank visa debit card for online purchases

I wrote to Bluehost about the error message.  The reply was I have to contact my bank.

The following day I popped over the Maybank branch at Taman Pandan Jaya, Selangor.

The female Malay staff at the bank told me that I need to activate my card at the ATM as this is my first time using it to make online payment.

She even went along to the automated teller machine to help me out by clicking on the “Debit Card Purchase Limit” setting. Happily I thanked her for her assistance.

But when I got back home and I logged into Bluehost to make the payment, again it did not work.

I got the the same error message:Billing failure: Transaction failed – Do Not Honor with a band of yellow color background across the monitor screen. Inwardly, I cussed, “Celaka! What is wrong now?!“.

Then I logged into Maybank2u to see what I can do from there.

Then on the homepage, I noticed there is this option called “ATM/Debit Card Management Manage ATM and debit cards transactions“.

I clicked on it and the new page showed me three options: “Cancel ATM Card, Overseas ATM Facility and Debit Card Purchase Limit“.

So I clicked on the third option “Debit Card Purchase Limit” and I set the amount and in the process I had to request for Transaction Authorization Code (TAC).

Immediately I received the TAC (Transaction Authorisation Code) at my phone. I keyed in the four-digit and it was done.

Then I received another SMS informing me that the debit purchase limit set to the amount is successful.

So thinking I had solved the problem this time, I went back to the hosting site to pay the renewal fee. Once again, I received the same transaction failed message. What the fook!

The next thing what I did was, I called up Maybank Customer Care hotline at: 03-7844 3696 about my problem using Visa Debit Card to make online payment.

This time a male officer happily explained the whole procedure to me on how to make online payment via Maybank Visa Debit Card.

In fact he did it for me there and then. I thanked him and I clicked over to Bluehost to make the payment.

This time, instantly the payment transaction went through smoothly, as what the officer assured me a while ago.

Activate Maybank Visa Debit Card For Online Purchases

Anyway, for those of you who are still clueless on how to activate your Maybank Visa debit card  so you can make online payment then read this:

1. Log into Maybank2u.

2. On the homepage, scroll down and you can see this:

how to activate maybank debit card for online purchase 20173. Click on it and now you will see this three options:

how to activate maybank debit card for online purchase4. First click on “Debit Card Purchase Limit“. There is a drop down menu option for you to choose the amount you would like to set for the limit.

It says: “Select Purchase Limit“. The maximum is RM5,000. Then click the “Continue” button.

5. Now you will be ask to request for Transaction Authorization Code or TAC. You will receive a SMS with a TAC.

6. Type in the 4-digit in the box provided. Then again you will receive another SMS over your cellphone to let you know that the request is done successfully.

7. Now click “Overseas ATM Facility“.

how to activate maybank debit card overseas payment settings8. Again there is a drop-down menu. Click on it and select “Activation“. Then click “Continue” button and you will see this:

maybank debit card online transaction guide9. Fill in the Start Date and End Date. The maximum duration is for one year. Then click on the “Continue” button.

That’s all you need to properly set up your Maybank Visa debit card in order to make any overseas on online transaction.

In fact, call up Maybank Careline and the staff can do it for you instantly.