After Thinking Too Hard, Do You Feel Tired?

If you say it is yes, then read on. Normally we assume that when you have overtaxed your brain, you should feel worn-out as well, right?

There was a study conducted by Samuele Marcora of the University of Kent. He had some subjects  play a mentally challenging computer game, and another group to watch a documentary about trains or cars. Then both groups took an endurance test on an exercise bike. He found those who engaged in the challenging game got tired faster than the folks who watched documentary.

So, the study implies that people when they are mentally drained, so are their bodies.

think too hard feel tired

But during the same study, Marcora also found that there is no correlation between the mental strain and measures of their cardiovascular response.

In other words, actually when there is a strenuous use of your brain, it doesn’t wear you out physically. It is all in your head. You THINK you’re physically¬† tired, just because you have exerted your brain.

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