Where To Buy Air Swimmers In Malaysia?

Are you one of those trying to buy air swimmers in Malaysia? I am not sure there are air swimmers for sale in Malaysia. Yes, I am talking about those amazing inflatable PVC clown fish or shark which float in the air, as if they are swimming in the water; with their tails gently waving gracefully like a real fish.

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Where Can I Buy Air Swimmers In Malaysia?

These life-like floating PVC air swimmers caused a stir among the crowd at theĀ  New York Toy 2011 early this year.

These air swimmers or rather fish-shaped helium-filled balloons are controlled by infra-red remote. These inflated PVC fishes are only meant to be flying indoor. Make sure you turn off the air-conditioning because it will affect its flight.

Watch the video below:

These amazing flying toys comes in box and you need to assemble it by yourself. Don’t worry, it is not that difficult. The contents included are: Air Swimmer balloon, remote control, pad track, tail fin, underbelly fins, dorsal fin, tail motor, fastening clips, hooks putty, elastic bands, clear tap tabs, double sided sticky pads and batteries

You need to get your own helium tank to fill up the air swimmers in order for them to float.

Air Swimmers eBay
Anyway, I am still unsure whether any shop in Malaysia selling these popular floating air swimmers in Malaysia. But you can buy air swimmers from eBay.