Alan Tan Make Money Online Malaysia Book For Newbies

Author-blogger Alan Tan is back with another book for Malaysians, entitled “Make Money Online By Blogging”.

His first book “Make Money Online Without Selling Anything” is a much better book.

It has lots of useful and informative tips specially for Malaysians who want to make money from the Internet.

It is about making money with CPA or cost-per-action.

make money online malaysia blogging alan tan

But his second book is only suitable for those who are totally new in the world of making money online.

In fact, most of the information, you can get it for FREE from the Internet.

For instance, getting a domain name, web hosting, installing WordPress blog, attract traffic, etc.

Again like Alan Tan’s first book, this one is also written in simple and easy-to-understand language.

I agree with his claim that this book is suitable for those who have no technical knowledge or have never earn a single cent online before.

Personally, I find the so-called Exclusive Interview With Top Bloggers section in the book  is more of a filler than real content.

But for those who have been reading those make money online sites or who have been blogging for some time now, then you may find this book redundant.

To be frank, you don’t actually find any so-called the secret of making money on the Internet from this book.

But as I have mentioned “Make Money Online By Blogging” is useful for newbies.

In other words, for those Malaysians who are completely clueless about how to start making some money with your computer.

On more thing, is I do not why many of these people in the Internet marketing fond of using cliched images: pretty-looking girls with laptops, or a burst of dollar notes spewing out from a PC.

These similar images look trite and uninspiring. They have been used overly used.

Anyway, for those who like to find out more about the book (RM39.90), just pop over to MPH bookstores and have a a browse.