Harassed By Anonymous Phone Call 03-26015400 Malaysia?

These couple of days I’m been harassed by the notorious anonymous phone calls on my cellphone.

I know many Malaysians have been victims of these annoying phone calls since 2010.

Each time when you answer it, it will hang up. If you leave it to ring, it will call up the second time. Or if you call up the number, it will get an engaged tone.

anonymous phone call 03-26015400 MalaysiaAnonymous Phone Call 03-26015400 Malaysia

According to complaint in whocallsme.com, the caller identified herself as calling from Telekom Malaysia and wanted to confirm the number I am using for my Internet connection.

Then when the complainant called back, this time he/she could not get through.

There is another person who claimed the numbers are from VADS Malaysia, a TM subsidiary based in Plaze IBM in Taman Tun Dr. ismail, Kuala Lumpur (not confirmed).

These are the following telephone numbers:


Note: So next time if you receive call from these numbers, it is best just ignore them. DO NOT give them any personal information.  It could be a scam. BEWARE.