Asmara Songsang Musical Controversy In The Guardian

Asmara Songsang musical controversy reported in The Guardian, the British daily newspaper.

The Malay title “Asmara Songsang” can be loosely translated as “Deviant Love” or “Abnormal Desire”.

This Malaysian government-funded musical was criticized as “state-sponsored bigotry” and potential to incite hatred against LGBT.

This show is about the three LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender ) friends who throw loud parties, take drugs and engage in casual romps.

Asmara Songsang musical controversy

And how their religious neighbors, reintroduce these songsang (abnormal or wrecked) folks to the teachings of Islam.

Those who repent are spared, while those who don’t are killed in a lightning storm.

Asmara Songsang Musical Controversy

By just reading the synopsis of this alleged anti-gay musical, it is a straight forward religious-based play.

According to musical-director Rahman Adam, who wrote and directed the musical, said his aim was “to educate the youngsters and their parents on the bad things about LGBT”.

And not to incite hatred as some quarters have claimed.

Among the local well-known artistes who took part in this controversial musical are Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan, Julia Ziegler, Kamal Adli, Radhi Khalid, Razak Ahmad, Najwa P. Ramlee dan Abby Rossidi.

It was reported in The Guardian that this anti-LGBT musical has sparked controversy over ‘state-sponsored bigotry’ and its potential to incite hatred.

Here are views from Malaysians as published in Malaysiakini.

What say you?

There is so much written about the state of LGBT right in Malaysia.

Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM ) has also came out with a write up titled “Hadith Sahih On Behavior Of LGBT”.

It says:

The LGBT issue has been part of social problems and epidemics that swept all over the world. Malaysia was not spared from this problem and it is an unfortunate that Malay Muslims in general has been identified to be involved in this issue.

To address this issue, Jakim has approached the LGBT community through outreach activities in numerous identified LGBT areas with the aim to engage their interest to participate in the ‘Ilaj Wa Shifa‘ (treatment and rehabilitation) program organized by Jakim.

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