Astro Hari Raya Press Ad Is The Only Using Lat’s Cartoons

Remember in my last post, I was lamenting there was no Malaysian company interested in using Lat’s cartoons, except for Upin & Ipin and Boboiboy in this year Hari Raya advertising and promotions campaigns.

On TV, press ads and shopping mall, I keep seeing Malaysian cartoon characters Upin & Ipin and also BoboiBoy.

This Hari Raya theme forĀ  TV3 is Terbaik Raya, the TV station used of Boboiboy and his supporting characters.

According to General Manager, Brand Management TV3 & TV9 Sherina Nordin, Boboiboy animated and his gang of characters were chosen because of their popularity among its viewers.

It seems that Datuk Lat’s cartoons are NOT that popular anymore among the new and young Malaysians.

lat kampung boy cartoonist

Luckily, folks from Astro still remember or rather prefer Lat’s cartoons.

Being a Lat’s fan (now you know my age group!), I was thrilled to see Lat’s work on Hari Raya day.

On the first day of Hari Raya, Astro put out a full page ad in The Sunday Star paper.

Featuring a Malay kampung scene. That’s Lat’s forte. Drawing Malay kampung and its orang kampung. Well, the so-called kampung boy cartoonist “updated” his work by having some of the characters using a their laptop, an ipad and an iphone.

Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to all my Muslim readers.

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