Pretzel Perfect Or Badly Burnt Pretzel From Auntie Anne Malaysia?

The next time when you buy pretzels from Auntie Anne in Malaysia, you better beware. Don’t just pay your purchase at the cashier, collect it and walk away, assuming you will get it’s so-called pretzel perfect, as claimed.

On 13th February, 2013, a friend of mine bought a piece of Auntie Anne pretzel from its outlet at Sungei Wang Plaza concourse area. When he reached home, he was shocked to find that the so-called ‘perfect pretzel’ from Auntie Anne was indeed a badly burnt pretzel on both sides. See the horrifying black burned crust pretzel below.

burned pretzel auntie anne malaysia

Another of my personal bad experience with this popular pretzel chain brand from United States of America was the reluctance of making its special order Original Pretzel (without salt and butter) at its Pavilion KL outlet sometime last year.