Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Malaysia Has Spoiled My Appetite Since 2012

Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Malaysia. “Spoiling Malaysian Dinner since 1996”. That’s the Malaysia franchise tag line. Incidentally, Auntie Anne’s staff has also spoiled both my mood and appetite when I tried ordering its Original pretzel.

Two months ago I tried ordering an ORIGINAL PRETZEL (the one without salt & butter) at the Pavilion KL outlet. After 15 minutes as instructed, I came back to get my order, and I was told they forgot to make it. So knowing very well, I would not bother to wait for another 15 minutes just for a piece of pretzel, the staff suggested that I get its normal one; which I did reluctantly. Frankly, I suspected they purposely did not want to entertain my order.

Today (5th Jan 2013), I purposely went to order an ORIGINAL pretzel again at the same Pavilion KL outlet, just to confirm myself, whether they actually forgot my order the last time around, or they purposely did not want to specially make a piece of Original pretzel for me.

When I told the Malay staff my order, I was waiting for his response. Sure enough, I could read his body language instantly and obviously; the RELUCTANCE of taking up my order. He shuffled his feet, drooped his shoulders and head turning around, avoid looking at me. He appeared to look as if he did not know there is such an item available.

I specifically told him: “Yang tak ada salt dan butter, panggil Original Pretzel”(the one without salt and butter). Then I pointed to him and told him that it is listed as the Number One item on menu box and it cost RM2.90!

With a disinterested look on his faced, he  turned to a female colleague who was making the pretzel. He mumbled to her about my order. Then he walked back to me and told me that I had to wait for 15 minutes. Clearly I replied him that I would wait at the counter for my order. This time I got my pretzel as ordered.

Personally, I can sense that the staff is NOT willing to sell this Original Pretzel. Anyway, I would definitely go to other Auntie Anne outlets in KL  or PJ to reconfirm my suspicion.

If it is so difficult and not worth making this special order, why don’t Auntie Anne’s Malaysia just remove this item from the menu?

The next thing is, the picture of Original Pretzel featured on its website (so-called “the pretzel that built an empire”), comes sprinkled with sesame seeds.

auntie ann pretzel malaysia no sesame seeds

But the one which I bought has not even ONE grain of sesame seed (picture below). On the Product webpage, there is no mention that the pictures are “For illustration purposes”.

auntie anne's pretzel malaysiaAnother thing is, I am not too sure whether Original Pretzel does not have salt in it, as stated. Because if I am not mistaken, I saw the lady staff used the same blob of dough (for making other pretzel) to make my order.

When I ate my pretzel, it tasted slightly salty and not utterly bland. Anyway, I would ask the staff the next time around, whether they use a different dough to make Original pretzel. Any one of you have any problem ordering Original pretzel?

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