Authentic Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee In Pandan Jaya Kuala Lumpur

You do not have to fly all the way to Sarawak to enjoy a bowl of authentic Sarawak kolo mee.

There is a stall offering one of the best Sarawak kolo mee inside a coffee-shop in Pandan Jaya, Kuala Lumpur.

As you know kolo mee (dry-tossed noodles) is a popular egg noodle dish from the state of Sarawak, especially in ts capital city Kuching.

But what I have read is that this delicious noodle recipe is actually not from Kuching, Sarawak.

It is said to be a simple Cantonese dish serves with tossed-dry noodles lightly fried with oil It is topped it with some minced pork and steamed or boiled vegetables.

authentic sarawak kolo mee From the appearance, kolo mee Kuching Sarawak is similar to wanton noodle or mee pok.

Authentic Kuching Kolo Mee

My favorite stall serving this Sarawak kolo mee is at this corner coffee-shop in Pandan Jaya, Kuala Lumpur called Restoran Pertama.

It is next to the food court Medan Selera Pandan Jaya which is attached to a morning wet market.

Just order its small bowl portion will do. It is because it comes with a rather big amount of noodles (even enough for two person, if you’re not a big eater).

It complements with slices of succulent lean meat char siew (barbecued pork), ample minced meat, five huge wanton, shallot, a drip of lard oil and a sprinkle of chopped spring onion.

It is accompanied with a bowl of soup. It costs only RM4.

*Updated 2017: Now a bowl costs RM5.

authentic sarawak kuching kolo mee in pandan jaya

The next time if you happened to be in the vicinity of Pandan Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, drop by and try this authentic Sarawak Kuching Kolo noodles.

This stall operates from breakfast until lunch time only.  If you do not want to miss this great soft noodle dish, you better be early.

It is very popular with its regular customers. Most of the times, it is completely sold out by one o’ clock in the afternoon.

Remember, for authentic Sarawak kolo mee in Kuala Lumpur, head over to Restoran Pertama at Pandan Jaya.

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