Azmin Ali Denied It Is Him In The Scandalous Video Stills

PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has denied about the kantoi news on the alleged Azmin Ali’s extramarital toilet tryst, which was caught on hidden cameras.

The 8 video stills show a man who resembles like Azmin Ali and a woman caught in the act.

azmin ali sex video still

Azmin Ali said the vicious slander or the controversial video stills are being spread by media organizations controlled by Umno who are quoting from pro-Umno blogs is to tarnish him and his family.

Personally, I do not know whether the allegation is true or otherwise. Could it be this “fake expose”  is meant to instigate PKR folks and its supporters to BLOW their tops, or someone (from the so-called pro-UMNO bloggers) is doing a dirty JOB.