Bandar Maharani Muar Town View You Might Have Never Seen Before

When people talk about Bandar Maharani, Muar, they just talk about Muar food, which includes Hainanese chicken rice balls, mee bandung, assam fish, otak-otak, oyster omelette, and also 434 coffee powder.

In fact there is nothing to talk about.  Basically Muar aka Mar-Poh is a so-called “Cowboy Town”; a place for retirees. Probably these days, you can also call Muar “Chirpy Town”. Those incessant and irritating artificial chirping sounds coming out from speakers from the upper floors of the shop houses in town. Sad to say, the once lovely laid back Muar town has gone to the birds, so to speak.

Anyway, if you have time, take a closer look around this newly-declared royal town, Bandar Maharani, you will notice it has many interesting buildings which are still around, old shop houses, besides its brightly colored facades. But my recent trip to Muar, I was disappointed to  see a couple of ancient prewar buildings have been torn down.

Anyway, here are some Muar town views which captured my attention. Quiet corners, ancient buildings and also view from across Muar River.

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muar town view