Beetroot Juice Can Reduce High Blood Pressure Benefits

Do you know beetroot juice can reduce high blood pressure?

Recently I read again that a glass of beetroot juice a day can keep your blood pressure at bay.

As you have already know that having high blood pressure aka hypertension, increases your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

beetroot juice can reduce high blood pressureFor a couple of years now, medical researchers have been saying that nitrate-rich foods like fruits and leafy vegetables can reduce blood pressure.

Beetroot Juice Lower Blood Pressure

According to researchers, even just seeping a little bit of beetroot juice can reduce one’s blood pressure.

It is all because of the the high nitrate content found in the beetroot.

When nitrate is ingested, it becomes nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide relaxes the walls of blood vessels, so your blood flow easier or smoother. Thus lowering or reducing your blood pressure.

Where To Buy Pure Beetroot Juice In KL

For those of you who lives in Klang Valley, remember I mentioned in one of my posts about this juice stall selling pure fruits and vegetable juice.

It doesn’t add water, sugar or ice.

For those of you who are having high blood pressure, it’s high time to  pop over to the juice stall at  21, Jalan H. S. Lee, Kuala Lumpur and get your nitrate-rich beetroot juice  to reduce your blood pressure.

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