Did Bernama Plagiarize Malaysiakini Story Written By Susan Loone?

Plagiarism in Malaysia: It DAWN on me, plagiarism is becoming popular in Malaysia’s main stream media.

Only not too long ago, uppercaise exposed The Star columnist Dawn Jeremiah and her plagiarized work.

plagiarism in malaysia

If you want to check out for yourself whether this TV personality, part-time model, beauty queen, online video host and a freelance writer. Dawn Jeremiah did lifted, word-for-word from other sources and passed off as her writing, here are the links:



Now, again uppercaise revealed another case of plagiarism in Malaysia media.

According to uppercaise.wordpress.com, the news story written  by Susan Loone in news portal Malaysiakini, about Karpal Singh’s remarks on DAP election policy has apparently been plagiarized by Malaysian new agency Bernama.

It was then featured by at least four news sites online, which include Malaysian Insider, the online editions of The Star, Sin Chew Daily and the Malay Mail. Plus many other web sites and blogs.

It is said the news story is credited to Bernama is almost a word-for-word duplicate of Susan Loone’s work for Malaysiakini.

If you want to see this alleged plagiarized story for yourself, go to this link: http://uppercaise.wordpress.com/2012/10/27/bernama-plagiarises-malaysiakinis-karpal-story/