Best Teh C Nanyang Ten Coffee Shop Hutong Lot 10

The other day, a friend of mine, asked me where to find good Teh-C in town.

Immediately I took her to one of my all-time favorite secret ‘yam-char‘ (drinking) place, right in the heart of the ever-bustling shopping haven, Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Most of the time, I only drink strong dark black coffee aka kopi-aw-kaw. Usually, I enjoy my local brewed Hainanese cup of joe either without sugar, or just a sprinkle of brown sugar.

Besides having it at home, the two places where I usually go for my coffee fix, are Toast Box outlet at Food Republic, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and OK Restaurant at Taman Pandan Perdana.

Occasionally I do enjoy a cup of hot tea with evaporated milk, or what Malaysians called it ‘Teh-C‘. Again, I always enjoy this beverage without sugar.

Almost two years ago, I discovered one of the most smooth and aromatic Teh C in Kuala Lumpur.

Best Teh C Nanyang Ten Coffee Shop Hutong Lot 10

It is at Nanyang Ten Coffee Shop at Hutong, Lot 10, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur. The cafe is slightly hidden away at the corner in this non-halal food court.

Best Teh C Nanyang Ten Coffee Shop Hutong Lot 10

If you enter the nondescript side entrance of Lot 10 along Jalan Bukit Bintang (after Starbucks), by going down the narrow escalator, you will come to this simple coffee shop.

The place is decked up with a few simple props to give it a touch of the old Malayan days.

On the wall you can see framed black and white pictures, there are second-hand wooden and glass cabinets, bulky cardboard baggage, old black phone, enamel pots , the typical bygone days Chinese coffee-shop ceramic cups and saucers and the stainless steel coffee-making kettles with long narrow spouts .

The most prominent prop is the red-colored tricycle which is displayed right in front of the shop.

Teh C Tastes Like Typical Fragrant Chinese Tea

Here it serves one of the best Teh-C or tea with evaporated milk in town.

The drink is silky smooth and the flavor of the tea itself has that typical distinctive Chinese tea. Fragrant is the word.

The taste is not like those you have it over at the Mamak stalls or any other Chinese kopitiam.

These places usually use Lipton Tea, Boh Tea or cheap tea dust from the local coffee & tea suppliers.

When you sip the Teh-C from Nanyang Ten Coffee Shop, you can taste the Chinese tea aroma.

Best Teh C Nanyang Ten Coffee Shop Hutong Lot 10 The steaming hot Teh-C is served in the classic Hainanese kopitiam ceramic cup and saucer, and it costs RM3.50 nett.

Besides, coffee and tea, this place also sells Hainanese bread or toast, packet nasi lemak, swiss rolls and assortment of local kuih.

Next time when you are shopping or hanging out with friends over at the Bukit Bintang area, pop over to this cool, cozy secluded coffee joint and try out its best Teh-C in town.