Best Nasi Lemak Outside Restoran OK, Taman Pandan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur

There is one popular nasi lemak stall at Taman Pandan Perdana,Kuala Lumpur. It operates from a parked van right in front of Restoran OK, located at the junction of Jalan Perdana 4/8 and Jalan Perdana 4/6.  Opposite there is another eating place called Restoran To which is famous for its cheap and tasty chicken rice (Ming Hai) and fried kway tiaw (Ah Yap).

nasi lemak taman pandan perdana kl

Come every evening from 5 p.m onwards, you can see a large crowd milling around this nasi lemak van. It is run by a young friendly Malay chap together with an elderly man and a lady.

best nasi lemak in Taman Pandan Perdana, Kuala Lumpur

Its popular dish is its aromatic fried chicken. The chicken is fried there and then at the stall. In fact you can smell the fragrant aroma from a distance.

nasi lemak stall with tasy fried chicken Taman Pandan Perdana KL

The customers are mainly Chinese who either take away or eat it over at the Restoran. Besides its popular fried chicken, this nasi lemak stall also offers beef and chicken rendang, sotong (cuttlefish), fried and sambal fish, sambal taufu, kerang (cockles) and various vegetables to choose from. The price ranges from RM2.50 onwards.