In Taiwan You Can Bet On When Someone Is Going To Die

Game of Death in Taiwan

In Taichung, Taiwan, it is reported that there are gaming houses(under the guise of non-profit organizations) offering gamblers to bet on when terminally ill cancer patients are going to die.

bet on death of cancer patients taiwanAs reported in Taipei-based Next magazine, these players include family membersĀ  and doctors of dying cancer patients. For those who want to play this bizarre bet, they have to pay a fee of $50.

Interestingly, punters are allowed to visit cancer patients before placing their bets. The minimum bet is $Tw2000.

The rules of this weird ‘game of death’ in Taiwan are if the patient dies within a month, the bookies win. And if the patient dies between one and six months after the bets are placed, the players would be paid three times their bet.[via]

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