Beware: CIMB Phishing Email Alert

Here is another one of those email phishing scams. This one is CIMB phishing email. The modus operandi of these phishing imposters is the use of scare tactic.

The content of the fake email is usually some kind of warning or threat to scare you to take some form of actions. For instance, they say that they are going to suspend or even close your bank account; hoping that you will click on the bogus link or to disclose confidential financial and personal information, passwords, credit card numbers along with any other highly confidential questions.

As I have mentioned in Maybank phishing email scams, Do not ever respond to emails, open attachments, or click on suspicious links from any reputable institutions or unknown senders asking for personal or financial information.

Here is the CIMB phishing alert:

cimb phishing email alert