Big Mama Rosmah Online Game “Aku Jimat”

Do you know what is the second most popular game among Malaysian paid apps? Yes, it is Big Mama Rosmah-inspired game called “Aku Jimat”. The game features a female cartoon character having a big hairdo a la First Lady Rosmah.

big mama rosmah online game
Big Mama Rosmah Online Game Aku Jimat

The game is available at the Apple App Store for users of  iPad and iPhone. It is now charging US$0.99 per download.

As reported in Malaysiakini, the developer said, this online game is “to educate the kids the important of saving since childhood.

The player has to catch falling coins and gold bars using a piggy bank. Then and use the money to shop for stuff like handbags, a house, a car or even a diamond ring worth US$24 million (RM74 million).  [image: malaysiakini]