How To Enter Blocked Websites In Malaysia And Surf Securely On Public Wifi

Malaysians or people from other countries have problem accessing certain blocked, restricted or censored websites.

Here is one solution to this problem.

They can use the free anti-censorship, pro-privacy software called Ultrasurf to enter these sites.

It is a free proxy-based Internet and security tool which has three main functions:

1. Bypass internet censorship, so you can access blocked websites

2. Encrypt your online communications. (To encrypt means to convert information or data into a code to prevent it from being seen by third party)

3. Hide your IP address from the websites you have visited.

4. Protect your security when you surf at wireless hotspots and public WiFi networks (ie. at hotels, airports, coffee shops, etc.)

How To Set UP Ultrasurf

1. Go to: to download the latest version.

2. Click on the Ultrasurf Free DOWNLOAD icon button on top right hand corner of the page as shown below.

access blocked or censored websites with ultrasurf

3. It is in a zip format. To open  a zip format file, you need to have WinRAR installed in your PC.

Note: For those of you who do not have WinRAR, you can download WinRAR from:

4. When you click on the Ultrasurf download icon button (as shown above) , a box will pop up.

5. Click “OK” button in the pop-up box.

6. After you have downloaded UltraSurf, go to Downloads file and double click on it.

5. A page will appear where you can see the .exe file. (the latest one is u1304.exe) together with a WinRAR licence box. Click the “Close” button to get rid of the pop-up box.

6. Then again double click on the u1304.exe.

hide ip address with ultrasurf

7. Now you should see a Ultrasurf box pops up on the left hand corner as shown below.

ultrasurf to unblock censored websites

8. At the same time, two Internet Explorer pages also pop up. The first page is homepage and the other page is UltraSurf User’s Guide.

The next time when you use it, you won’t see the Ultrasurf User’s Guide page any more.

9. Simultaneously you can see a yellow colored pad lock at the bottom of the right hand corner of your computer screen.

10. You can close these two pages.

11. A moment you will get another pop-up box called Windows Security Alert as shown below.

access pandora online radio outside usa and canada with ultrasurf

12. Select your own options depending on where you are using your PC or device at the moment. Then click “Allow access” button.

13. After using it and you want to close  this tool, go to Ultrasurf box (as shown in #7) and click on “Exit”. Or you can right click on the yellow pad lock icon, a box will op up, then you click  on “Exit”.

That’s all. Now you can access those censored or blocked sites.

For those of you who live outside US or Canada, now can even also enjoy listening to music at Pandora Internet Radio ( and watch movies at Hulu (

An exit warning box will pop up. You can let it close by itself after a couple seconds.

Note: I avoid using the proper technical terms here like: executable file, Interface window, browser etc, so that those it is easier to understand for those of you who are non-techie like me.