Bra That Can Save Your Life | Detect If You Are Having A Heart Attack

Ladies, do you know now there is a kind of bra which could save not only your modesty or pride, but your life. According to the researchers at University of Arkansas, this innovative “e-bra” which is specially designed for sick women and athletes.

It is also reported that this special bra can monitor blood pressure, body temperature, respiratory rate, and oxygen consumption. It can operate like a conventional electrocardiograph (ECG). In other words, it can tell if a patient is having a heart attack.

“The sensors are woven into the bra. They can measure important health signals and uploads the information to a wireless network like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This under garment collects and transmits health signals to any desired location in the world.The data can be viewed on separate windows for each measurement. It even has Global Positioning System (GPS) that can track the female patient anywhere in the world.Talking about bra as a life saver, remember inventor Dr. Elena Dodnar’s Emergency Bra, or Ebra? The bra cups act as respiratory masks. You need to remove it from your body, and can be separated into two masks. Then you place it over your nose and mouth, filter out particles.Emergency Bra By Elena Dodnar.

You can buy these red Emergency Bra at $29.99. They come in a wide range of sizes, from 32B to 40C. In fact, this life-saving bra won the 2009 Ig Nobel Public Health Prize.

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