How To Burn 600 Calories In 15 Minutes: Cosmic Energy Sauna Malaysia

Do you want to know how to burn 600 calories in 15 minutes?

Forget about strenuous exercise or avoid enjoying your favorite Malaysian calorie-laden food.

Find out how to overcome obesity and aging problem the easier way.

Cosmic Energy Sauna
If you have RM4,800 to burn, then get a portable Cosmic Energy Sauna kit and lose your calories fast in the safety and comfort of your own home.

How To Burn 600 Calories In 15 MinutesThis odd-looking energy sauna kit comes with a sauna cabin, radiator, controller, matt, pillow, air pump, and a carrier bag.

How To Burn 600 Calories In 15 Minutes With Cosmic Energy Sauna

It is very easy to set up. Then you just slip into the so-called sauna cabin and let the Far Infrared radiation(FIR) do the dirty job for you.

You don’t even have to wriggle a muscle.

Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy
According to its ad, this 100% safe energy sauna cabin can help you to remove toxins from body, burn up to 600 calories in 15 minutes, improve skin texture, increase overall blood flow, improve metabolism by increase fluid circulation, boost immune system functions, relieve muscle and joint pains, decreases joint stiffness, and also reduce stress and fatigue.

Al Jabbar Group which is know for its many health products like Dr.Jism electrostatic therapy machines, also carries a very similar ( or rather same) product  called Jabbar Energy Sauna.

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