Bus From Taoyuan Airport To Taipei Main Station Costs RM13

Taoyuan Airport To Taipei Train Station

Here is my recent (March 2012) personal experience taking bus from Taoyuan Airport to Taipei Railway Station or Taipei Main Station.

Note: Here is a bit of a confusion for any first timer to Taipei city. According to most of tourist maps, the the big brown building located in the Zhongzheng District in downtown Taipei is labeled as Taipei Main Station. Actually it is also known as Taipei Railway Station and Taipei Station (picture below).

taipei main station to taoyuan airport

The Taiwan Railway Administration called this place Taipei Railway Station and the Taipei Metro  called it Taipei Main Station. In other words, they all mean the same place.  This huge station houses to conventional rail (TRA), metro(MRT), and high-speed rail(HSR).

If you just arrive from Kuala Lumpur LCCT, Kuala Lumpur airport to Taoyuan Airport Taipei by AirAsia, you would reach Terminal 2.  Terminal 2 Bus Platform is on the northeast side of the arrival passenger reception.

After you have checked out from the airport custom, follow the sign which points to Bus Station. There is ticket counter which serves several bus companies. As I was going to Taipei Main Station area, I bought my ticket from Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport counter. The bus fare to Taipei Main Station costs NTD 125 (about MYR 13).

to and from taoyuan airport
To And From Taoyuan Airport Routes

But if I would take taxi, from Taoyuan airport to Taipei city taxi fare is around NTD 1,000 (about MYR 104). Yes, I saved about MYR 91!

taoyuan airport bus ticket
Taoyuan Airport Bus Ticket

To get the bus, you just walk out of door and turn right to wait for your bus No 1819. The journey takes about an hour to the Taipei Railway Station, which is near to Taipei West Bus Station. This is the bus station where you take your bus back to Taoyuan Airport.

If you need to take MRT to your destination, enter any of the entrance of the Taipei Main Station.

Taipei To Taoyuan Airport
To go back to Taoyuan Airport, go to Taipei West Bus Station (picture below). NOT Taipei Bus Station. Taipei West Bus Station is located next to Taipei Main Station.

taipei west bus station to airport
Taipei West Bus Station To Taoyuan Airport

Inside the station, go to Kuo-Kuang ticket counter No. 1 or No. 2 to purchase your bus ticket (picture below). Again, you need to pay only NTD 125 per ticket.

kuo kuang bus ticket counter

Then walk to exit No. 5, where you can see the signage above the exit door with the number 1819 and an image of a plane (picture below). There will be a staff to take your ticket and they will ask you which terminal. If you are taking AirAsia, tell him or her Terminal 2. Then you will be asked to put your luggage at the compartment which marked Terminal 2 at the side of the bus.

kuo kuang bus station to taoyuan airport

The picture below is one of the Kuo Kuang bus which you can take to Taoyuan Airport for only RM 13 from Taipei  West Bus Station, which is next to Taipei Main Station.

kuo-kuang bus to airport


Bus From  Taoyuan Airport To Taipei Main Station

Kuo-Kuang Bus No: 1819

Bus Fare: NTD 125 per person

Journey Duration: About 1 hour

Bus From Taipei City To Taoyuan Airport

Taipei West Bus Station (next to Taipei Main Station)

Ku0-Kuang Bus No:1819

Bus Fare: NTD 125 person

Journey Duration: About 1 hour

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