Where Can I Buy Konapun In Malaysia?

Question: Where can I buy Konapun in Malaysia?

Konapun is Japanese fake food making toys. These amazing toy kits allow you or rather kids to make realistic miniature fake food. Basically you mix the powder with water to make your fake food. Konapun simply means starch or made of starch.

where can i buy konapun in malaysia
Where To Buy Konapun In Malaysia

The kit comes with the so-called “ingredients” to make whatever the theme of the kit. In addition, it has those cute little utensils and cooking implements.

In short, Konapun toy kit is for making realistic-looking miniature fake food. Yes, Konapun is much better and definitely more expensive than the children “masak-masak” kit use by children in Malaysia.

So, where can one buy Konapun in Malaysia? For those of you who are interested in buying Bandai Konapun, then you should try checking out miraclemall.net from Penang or google Facebook Konapun toys Malaysia.

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