Cancun Downtown With Authentic Mexican Flavor

When you are having your next holidays to Cancun, make sure you spend some time in Downtown Cancun or Cancun Centro. It is a colorful and vibrant town filled true Mexican flavor with wide selection of restaurants, bars, budget hotels and shopping arcades.

In Cancun Downtown or Cancun Centro, you can see the interesting mix of the typical colorful Mexican architecture together with the modern design of international resorts. The atmosphere here is said to be more family-friendly compared to the glitzy Hotel Zone, as these Mexican folks live and work here.

downtown cancun mexico

According to many, this colorful town is a very safe and convenient city. If you want to go anywhere within the city, just hop onto a bus. It is easy to get around Cancun downtown. Put on your most comfortable pair of walking shoes and you can explore this fun-filled Mexican town.

Remember to visit its many popular markets; especially Market 23, Market 28, and the Kihuit on Tulum Avenue. There are lots of flea markets, quaint stores and shops where you can get your souvenirs, knickknacks and Mexican art crafts.

Talking about food, down here you can enjoy cheap authentic Mexican food, like the traditional tacos or delicious Mexican seafood dishes together with the local folks. Stop by one of the liquor stores and you can get some really great tequila of Mexico.

Come every Wednesday, at around 3,30 in the afternoon, the Plaza de Toros or the Bull Ring, will host traditional Mexican shows of dance, Mariachis and of course the bullfight.

For those of you who are staying in the Hotel Zone, you can take a bus or a taxi ride at Kukulcan Blvd and get off on Tulum Avenue, which is the main happening avenue. Tulum Avenue is about 20 blocks long and easily you can spend a day walking, window shopping and eating in this exciting Cancun Downtown.